100% natural combination of freshly pressed coconut milk and real fruit juices and purees… NO artificial additives or hidden nasties required!

Smooze makes a healthy, deliciously-refreshing, anytime treat for adults and children alike; after yoga, the gym, work or school, reading a book, watching TV, after dinner or anytime you have that sweet craving. Smooze is a guilt-free, dairy-free, nutritious refreshment guaranteed to delight both your children and your inner child; you’ll fall in love with Smooze!

Smooze Is Available in Four Flavours

Simply Coconut

Coconut and Mango

Coconut and Pineapple

Coconut and Pink Guava


As Smooze is a ‘freeze at home’ fruit ice we are not in the frozen aisle which can make us a little tricky to find at times, especially as we are located in different places in different stores. Here’s a quick guide to help you find us….

We are located in the same aisle as the ice cream cones, maple syrups and toppings. In some stores this is at the end of the frozen section and in others it is near home baking and ambient desserts such as custard, jelly and rice pudding.

If you click onto browse shop / frozen / ice cream / ice lollies you’ll find us there.

We are usually located at the far side of the freezer section from the main store thoroughfare.

We are located in the children’s section